O A new state of emergency was imposed on 1 March 2021. What is the current situation? How does this affect delivery of parcels? Are pick-up points, so-called Parcelshops, still operating? What will change? What are the rules which must be followed when coming into contact with the driver?


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Current information

PPL van

25. 3. 2021 | Novinky

Fuel surcharge

For the month of April 2021, the fuel surcharge is 7.5 %.

otevřený Parcelshop

1. 3. 2021 | Novinky

Measures relating to free movement

Dear Parcel Recipients. We are writing to you with information about the current situation. Due to the inauspicious development of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new state of emergency will be in force from 1 March until 28 March. This means that measures relating to free movement and retail will be tightening up.


24. 2. 2021 | Novinky

Electronic confirmation of collected parcels

We try constantly move the whole forwarding process towards digitisation and at the same time we are responsible for the environment. What will change for you.