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PPL pick-up points: 6,000

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Make yourself happy with your purchase and save on shipping. Discover e-shops that currently offer free or discounted shipping with PPL.


Sustainability in PPL

Ecology, sustainability, a better environment - these are not just empty words for us. We are part of it. We are improving.

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PPL send a helping hand

We don't delay and provide what we do best for humanitarian purposes - delivery and truck transport. We provide material aid for asylum centres and deliver cartons and packaging material to the distribution points of foundations.


Current information

PPL van

26. 6. 2024| News

Fuel surcharge

For the month of July 2024, the fuel surcharge is 11.5 %.

PPL v CNN Prima News

22. 6. 2024| About us

Czechs are masters of online shopping. The trend is for delivery boxes, says the CEO of PPL CZ

Half of the goods purchased in e-shops go to Czech customers through pick-up boxes. Is this the future of delivery?

Great Place To Work

6. 6. 2024| News

We are a great place to work!

For the fourth time in a row, we have been certified as a Great Place To Work, confirming that we are a great place to work.