What are the advantages?

Tip one

No entry costs

Tip two

Reward up to CZK 11 per parcel

Tip three

You’ll get new customers

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Conditions you should meet

Space of at least 5 m2 for storing shipments

Opening hours at least from Monday to Friday

Possibility to mark “PPL Parcelshop” in the shop window and on the front door

Van Parcel

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Frequently asked questions

You don’t pay any entry costs. PPL will provide you with a telephone, myParcelshop application, a payment terminal and other equipment free of charge. We will use your existing Wi-Fi connection in the shop to connect to the Internet.

Yes. PPL has no restrictions on further cooperation in the contract and the Terms and Conditions.

Yes, the PPL Parcelshop network needs to be made more accessible to the public, please fill out the chat form below, then we will contact you with further instructions. Thank you

Yes, if you have the Internet brought to the establishment, we can lend you a router for using Wi-Fi.

For each parcel received from a driver (both cash on delivery and without cash on delivery) or from a customer to the myParcelshop application, the reward is up to CZK 11 excl. VAT.