Benefits of mojePPL app

Snadno, rychle a bezpečně

Easy, fast and safe

Tip two

24/7 shipment overview

We are labelless - just use a QR code to submit or return a shipment

What the app makes easy

Shipment tracking

Are you tired of typing the parcel number on the website? It's in the app automatically.


All PPL pick-up points, including opening hours, are literally in the palm of your hand. The mojePPL app will guide you directly to them.


PIN for pick-up, SMART pin for submission, QR codes, labels. All in one place.


Sending or returning a package in the app is simple. Just a few clicks. Now you also have an overview of previous shipments.

Cash on delivery payment

You can pay for your incoming shipment easily and online directly in the app.

Frequently asked questions

Mobile app is available for Android and Apple mobile devices.

Mobile app for Android is available here: 

Mobile app for Apple is available here: 


You can only use mojePPL app with an internet connection (wi-fi or mobile data).

Shipments (Parcel for you) in the app can only be paid by card through the payment gateway. 

You can switch between Google Pay and Apple Pay directly in the payment gateway.

Cash on delivery payment is also available in the app.

Our shipments are primarily paired with your email address and it is therefore necessary to verify your email address to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings in communication or with the delivery of your shipments.


Please check the version of your operating system on your device. The myPPL app can only be downloaded from the following operating system versions:
Android: Operating system 8.0 Oreo and above  Apple: iOS 15 operating system and above