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Frequently asked questions

Use the PPL Parcel CZ Private product thanks to which the recipients will be informed about the progress of the transport. As soon as we accept the shipment for transport, we will inform the recipient by e-mail. On the day of delivery, we will send them a text message (SMS) with a two-hour time interval when we will deliver the package. If delivery fails, we will send a message to the recipient regarding the next steps. To learn more about PPL Parcel CZ Private, download the product sheet

The ideal solution for you will be PPL Parcel CZ Business. Delivery here takes place on business days from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can combine the product with additional services, such as cash on delivery or increased shipping liability. An electronic delivery confirmation (receipt) is prepared for you in the customer applications. To learn more about PPL Parcel CZ Business, download the product sheet.

To make sure that your shipment can be accepted for transport and to prevent damage, go to the Properly Packed Shipment section, where you will find all the criteria. The goods must be packed in a cardboard box and sufficiently secured against damage.

Here you will make full use of the PPL Parcel Connect Plus product. The shipment will be delivered to the recipient's address and in case the recipient cannot be reached, we will try to deliver the package again the next day. We also deliver shipments to countries outside Europe, where we will be happy to arrange customs clearance for you. To learn more about PPL Parcel Connect Plus, download the product sheet. What might be of interest to you.

Cash on delivery items can be sent to Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania. For packages going to Slovakia, we offer the option of customs declaration in CZK or EUR. We can transfer the collected amounts in EUR to any euro account maintained in countries that support SEPA payments. For shipments to Poland / Hungary / Romania, we offer a declaration in PLN / HUF / RON. The collected cash on delivery is transferred to an account at a Polish / Hungarian / Romanian bank.

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