Frequently asked questions

Please refer your customers and recipients to Chat or to our web form. 

Please contact our IT Help.

Use the option of alternative verification directly in the myParcelshop application, namely in the “Handover of shipment to recipient” operation (the button at the bottom of the screen where shipment PINs are entered). Alternatively contact IT Help.

To free the memory on your phone, you need to clear the phone's cache in its settings. Alternatively, restart the cell phone to clear the cache thoroughly.


PPL van

20. 2. 2024| News

Fuel surcharge

For the month of March 2024, the fuel surcharge is 12.5 %.

PPL Defends Top Employer Title | PPL CZ

12. 2. 2024| Press releases

PPL Defends Top Employer Title

Offers Employees Modern Working Environment and Wide Range of Benefits

Termination of KTM API: Info for e-shops | PPL CZ

28. 1. 2024| News

Termination of KTM API: Info for e-shops

Dear Customers, switch over with us to the new and more secure CPL API by the end of January 2024.