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Please contact our IT Help.

Use the option of alternative verification directly in the myParcelshop application, namely in the “Handover of shipment to recipient” operation (the button at the bottom of the screen where shipment PINs are entered). Alternatively contact IT Help.

To free the memory on your phone, you need to clear the phone's cache in its settings. Alternatively, restart the cell phone to clear the cache thoroughly.


Spot PPL

17. 5. 2024| About us

Tesco broke the resistance of their opponents only in the third period. Especially the power plays helped the chain to win the Hockey Battle of the Spots

The MAM Hockey Spot Duels special offered a thrilling contest between eight opponents. The game was fast-paced and physical. The winner showed resilience and strong play at the boards and in the corners of the rink. With two goals scored a few minutes before the final siren, the Living Hockey spot of the Tesco chain by Socialsharks won.

The first tv commercial of PPL

9. 5. 2024| About us

PPL CZ joins the hockey fever in its first TV commercial

PPL CZ, the leader among Czech parcel carriers, has entered the next phase of development in the field of customer communication. In cooperation with the agency KNOWLIMITS, it will present a new advertising campaign during the upcoming hockey holiday.

The first TV commercial of PPL

7. 5. 2024| About us

PPL has its first TV commercial, Knowlimits spot rides the hockey fever

Přepravní společnost PPL CZ vstoupila do další fáze vývoje na poli komunikace se zákazníky. Ve spolupráci s agenturou Knowlimits představuje novou reklamní kampaň, která se váže k nadcházejícímu mistrovství světa v hokeji. Poprvé s ní pronikne i do televize.