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Conditions you should meet:

•  Just 5m2 of outdoor space
•  Short-term parking in close proximity to PPL Parcelbox
•  Unlimited access to PPL Parcelbox 24 hours a day
•  4G mobile network availability
•  Horizontal, dry, smooth surface
•  Availability of 230 V/16 A power supply

How does it work?


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Another useful information

The dimensions and weight of the Parcelbox itself are:

•  Width 4160 mm
•  Rear height 2100 mm
•  Depth 646 mm
•  Box weight: 824kg
•  Maximum parcel weight: 600kg

To ensure stability, the PPL Parcelbox will be anchored on a reinforced concrete base plate with a minimum depth of 200mm.

1) Email us in chat - fill in your details and other questions in chat. 
2) Wait for a call from our salesperson
3) Sales representative will show you the whole concept
4) Preparation of cooperation
    • Project details, cooperation, location
5) Concluding the lease agreement
6) Contacting building authorities - arranged by PPL
7) Ensuring construction and technical readiness of the sites
8) Installation of PPL Parcelbox
9) Done!

1) Free space of 5m2

• A surface extending at least 200 mm beyond the footprint of the PPL Parcelbox in all directions with a load capacity of 500 kg/m2. (To ensure stability, the Parcelbox will stand on a concrete slab)
• Ground clearance above the surface of at least 280 cm.
• Horizontal, smooth, dry surface

2) Provision of 230V/50 Hz/16A power supply

• Conventional plug into an IP rated wall socket.
• Into an IP-protected connection box.

3) Internet connection of at least 4G

The amount of rent will be assessed individually on the basis of a meeting with a sales representative.