What changes are we making to the documents?

Newly, services related to products are provided under the Postal Act and, as appropriate, under the scheme for forwarding services in accordance with the Civil Code.

We are refining the description of the method of calculating transport and toll charges based on measured weight.

For selected products, we limit the maximum value of a package to an individual amount of CZK 20,000, CZK 50,000 or CZK 100,000, depending on the product.

We are reducing the maximum amount of a cash on delivery payment for the PPL PARCEL FORYOU CZ product to CZK 5,000.

For the PPL PARCEL SMART CZ product, we are specifying the maximum storage time for shipments at PPL Service Points.

We are adjusting selected time limits for filing a complaint, especially in the case of lost shipments.


The updated documents highlighting all the changes can be found at the following links:

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