One community with a thousand brands and lots of stylish stuff. Vinted is an online platform for selling, buying and exchanging secondhand fashion, accessories and cosmetics. Vinted is for anyone who believes that quality goods deserve a long life. Selling and buying secondhand goods has never been easier.

You’re not wearing it? Sell it!

Once you sell your goods on the platform and PPL is the carrier, a QR code including a 6-digit PIN code will be automatically generated for you, you enter it in the PPL Parcelbox display or tell it to PPL Parcelshop staff when you submit your shipment. You can find the codes at any time in the Vinted app. Whether you're sending a package to an address or to a PPL drop-off point, you don't have to print and stick a label on it or write a PIN code anywhere.

All you have to do is pack the goods correctly and take them to one of PPL’s 6,000 pick-up and drop-off points within five days.

Dazzle with a new piece for a few crowns

Choose the one your heart’s desires from the millions of pieces on offer. With a few clicks, you simply make your purchase, enter the necessary details and select PPL as your carrier. In more than 98% of cases, we will deliver your package within one to two days of dispatch.

Make us your first choice

If you choose shipping to an address, we at PPL are the ones who will automatically appear as the carrier. If you choose collection at a pick-up location, the app might select a different company for you. With a few clicks you can change the automatic preference to PPL.

Do you want to have the highest probability that we will deliver your package to you? Set PPL as your preferred carrier in the Vinted app (in the Postage section).
Then all you have to do is wait for your package to be delivered. You can look forward to it arriving in just 1-2 business days.



Breathe a second life into your clothes, accessories and cosmetics. On Vinted, you can sell goods simply and look for a new piece for a few crowns. You’ll help the planet and your wallet.

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