We gave them the things they need most in the run-up to Christmas. Thanks to participation by our employees in the Get Moving with Teribear! Project, we managed to raise a total of CZK 30,000, which we donated to buy fruit, vitamins and Christmas goodies which are an essential part of each and every festive Christmas table. Christmas packages then went to shelters in Osek, Krupka, Vsetín and Lovosice

Shelters for mothers with children play an important role in the system of social services. They are intended for those women who are unable to cope on their own with difficult situations in life and who therefore need help. The shelters which PPL donated to this year are part of the MADE BY project which is organised by the Tereza Maxová Foundation and the Open Future Association. This project has been running since 2013 and is tailored to the needs of mothers who have found themselves in difficult situations in life. It helps them to find work, as well as to improve their financial literacy and parenting skills in general.  

PPL has enjoyed long-term cooperation with the Tereza Maxová Foundation and the Open Future Association and is actively involved in projects aimed at helping and supporting children who have not been so lucky in life. We believe that every little bit of help is worthwhile and we are very happy that thanks to the activity of our employees, we can spread a little joy and support projects for a good cause.

Here are some drawings that the children sent us from the shelters and put a smile on our faces.


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