newly opened depots across the country and increased capacity due to seasonal employees will help us manage the most challenging period successfully. This year, the mojePPL mobile app and growing network of pick-up points will make it easier for “baby Jesuses” to pick up their packages. The carrier will deliver Christmas surprises up to and including 22 December. Of course, it is better to order as soon as possible and not to leave shopping to the last minute. . 

The leading shipping company PPL CZ entered the pre-Christmas season with 29 network points, including a transshipment point in Hradec Králové, thanks to whose connection to the DHL network it accelerated transport across Europe and the Czech Republic and increased its capacity to half a million shipments per day.

We’re currently experiencing the busiest time of the year, when all our employees and associates are working full out, and this year we are more prepared than ever for the pressure. In August, we expanded our network to include a new depot located near Ostrava in Mošnov and in October we added a new depot in the Central Bohemian Region. We also have a digital gadget in the form of the mojePPL mobile app, which makes it easier for end customers to send and deliver packages, for example by paying cash on delivery directly in the app. Combined with our growing network of PPL Parcelshops and PPL Parcelboxes, we are able to get parcels into the hands of recipients in an extremely short time. Thanks to all our services, reliability and flexibility, we want to make the pre-Christmas rush easier for people,” said Petr Horák, CEO of PPL CZ.

PPL is ready to deliver packages to Czech customers at their address or at a pick-up point or box up to and including 22 December. In 98% of cases, the carrier is able to ensure the joy of Christmas if the sender ships the package by Thursday, 21 December. 

The daily volume of shipments increases by up to 50% in the run-up to Christmas compared to the rest of the year. According to DHL’s pan-European survey, more than half of Czechs prefer to have their parcels delivered to their address. PPL has been excelling at this for decades. However, pick-up boxes are also growing in popularity, with almost a fifth of customers preferring them, and pick-up points are the first choice for 22% of people in the Czech Republic, 12% more than the European average. 

Due to domestic preferences, the carrier is also focusing on developing its pick-up infrastructure. It currently operates a total of 6,000 PPL Parcelshops and PPL Parcelboxes across the Czech Republic, including AlzaBoxes. PPL Parcelshops are open in accordance with each partner’s opening hours. Parcel boxes are also available 24 hours a day. Shipping to or from another country is also not an obstacle for PPL. Thanks to its connection to the DHL network, it works with international e-shops and has 100,000 pick-up points in Europe as part of DHL eCommerce.

We expect the biggest surge now, around Black Friday and just before the Christmas holidays. We will break the 500,000 shipments per day mark this year. Operations will be reinforced by seasonal drivers and handlers. It is a very hectic time for everyone at PPL and I’m proud that every year we manage to handle our peak season with grace; this year will certainly be no different," concluded Horák.

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