An integral part of this approach is also constituted by organisation of interesting events, training courses and provision of benefits for our employees, the list of which is growing every year. Be this Live First Aid or Mental Hygiene training, the services of the uLékař medical portal, or for example our new benefit for 2022 - so-called Fit Days, where we provide two extra days off work for health-related activities. Throughout the year, we promote a healthy lifestyle by participating in Bike to Work and Move with Teribear. At peak times we provide snacks to all depots. We are gradually refurbishing the kitchens and areas for dining and taking breaks at all of our depots. We are also providing safe facilities for PPL staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. And that is only the beginning.

Join us and see for yourself.



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PPL expands its Parcelboxes in a big way | PPL CZ

11. 4. 2024| About us

PPL CZ expands its Parcelboxes in a big way

PPL CZ is experiencing record growth thanks to the growing popularity of e-commerce and plans to strengthen its position in the Czech market by expanding its Parcelbox network.