Scammers are constantly refining their techniques and their behaviour is becoming more and more credible. At a time when our attention is more focused on the upcoming pre-Christmas period, we are all the more susceptible. A moment of inattention and we are in trouble. Two possible fraudulent situations are described below.


1. Sales via Discount and Second-hand Portals

The fraud starts on discount and second-hand portals, where a potential customer shows interest in goods you are offering. Once they have confirmed that you are still selling the goods, they send you a message to the effect: “I’ll arrange the pick-up via PPL driver, I’ll pay for everything and you (the seller) just have to confirm receipt of the money,” or “I'll arrange the delivery myself, the PPL driver will come and pack the goods, you’ll get the money in advance.” They then send a link to a fraudulent PPL site that links to the receipt of a payment. In the form, they ask, for example, for your date of birth, login to your bank and then your credit card number.

You will never encounter this procedure from PPL CZ s.r.o.


2. Fraudulent PPL Websites

The seller shares a fraudulent PPL website that copies the PPL website reasonably faithfully. This website has nothing to do with PPL CZ s.r.o. and therefore we ask you to take extra care when searching for our services on the Internet.

An example of a link that sellers send:


How to Avoid Danger

Be attentive. Details play a major role. PPL never asks you for money upfront, only when you pay cash on delivery, either in person, via the official website or the mojePPL mobile app.

Do not share sensitive information. If you are selling goods, the only thing a potential buyer should be interested in is where to send the money for the goods. He/she certainly does not need to know any other sensitive information. Therefore, never provide login credentials or other sensitive information to third parties that have not been verified.

Avoid suspicious e-mails and text messages. Do not open such e-mails and delete them immediately. They may contain a virus. If anything seems suspicious, report the e-mail as spam or phishing.

Check the URL. On our website, you always have a clearly described URL and “” is always part of the link.

See through scammers. Scammers often go by foreign names and their Czech is clunky. PPL drivers never pack packages or hand over money for goods sold.


What Our E-mail or Text Message Communication Looks Like

We never send e-mails or text messages:

Inviting the recipient to pay any amount before the actual delivery of a parcel. The recipient pays only the cash on delivery amount, only to a PPL driver, PPL Parcelshop staff or via a payment terminal when paying by credit card at a PPL Parcelbox. Or online via official PPL channels.

We do not say that we have redirected your shipment without your knowledge. Changes to instructions are set by you. The only exception is if we have not reached you at your address or a parcel could not be delivered. In this case, we will send you a message that you can pick up the parcel at the nearest delivery point. 

If you are unsure about anything or suspicious, please e-mail us at We hope you manage to avoid fraudulent situations. And if you do not, we are sure you can handle them.

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