We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Alza online store and will gradually integrate 1,200 AlzaBoxes into our pick-up point network. They will join the more than 4,000 PPL Parcelboxes and PPL Parcelshops in July.

With this partnership, we are responding to the growing trend of delivering parcels to pick-up points, with the related time flexibility being so much appreciated by you, our customers. In addition to the possibility of collecting your parcel on the way home from work or shopping, it is also cheaper than delivery to an address.

Are there any differences between PPL Parcelboxes and AlzaBoxes? 

The storage time, delivery price and weight limit of up to 31.5 kg are the same for AlzaBoxes as for our PPL Parcelboxes. Your parcel will wait for you in an AlzaBox for 72 hours after you receive SMS or email notification. You can find a map of all the boxes and pick-up points in the mojePPL mobile app and on our website. Our PPL Parcelboxes are labelled PBOX and AlzaBoxes ABOX. 

If you are paying cash on delivery, you have two options - you can pay through the mojePPL mobile app or by clicking on the link in the email or SMS notification. You can also pay cash on delivery on the spot via the payment terminal on our PPL Parcelboxes. This means the only difference lies in cash on delivery payment - when collecting from an AlzaBox, you cannot pay cash on delivery on the spot via the payment terminal on the box. 

The popularity of collection points continues to grow

AlzaBoxes are joining our family of pick-up points, which currently numbers over 3,600 PPL Parcelshops and 650 PPL Parcelboxes. “The addition of AlzaBoxes will bring PPL closer to its goal of having 7,000 pick-up points in the Czech Republic by the end of 2023,” explains Milan Loidl, business development & marketing director at PPL CZ. We believe that the expanded PPL pick-up point network will make online shopping even easier and closer to you.

Do you have a favourite AlzaBox? See if you can have parcels sent to it. You can find the AlzaBoxes we have already integrated on the pick-up point map. Look for the ABOX label.

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