In total, we walked and drove 31,000 km in PPL CZ and saved more than 3,300 kg of carbon dioxide (compared to the same distance traveled by car). We strongly hope that the new habits will remain with us in the future.

Ride, run (or walk) to work

This is the motto of the May challenge, which AutoMat association has been motivating citizens of the Czech Republic to self-drive for a month. Over 25,600 people participated in this year's event. A total of 24 teams from PPL signed up for the bike work challenge. The record holder was our colleague Přemysl Gloga, who covered a respectable 2,020 kilometers in a whole month.


Our pedestrians were not spared either

This year we competed in the number of kilometers traveled, not steps, as was the case in previous years. Out of the total number of 20 participants who walked a total of 5,176.2 km, the best female walker was colleague Magdalena Hanáčková, who covered 439.3 km on foot.


Congratulations to the winners! We thank all participants for joining the May challenge, doing something for their health and saving the environment.

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