This year, we decided to make a change and every kilometre we cycled, walked or ran meant a financial contribution to the Konto Bariéry – A second arm for Ondra project. 

Despite the adverse conditions caused by the pandemic and people working from home, a total of 70 of our employees took part, completing an incredible 26,961 km during the month of May. This is the equivalent of us having gone around the Czech Republic 11.5 times. 

In total, PPL will be contributing CZK 26,961 towards Ondra's bionic arm. The bionic arm is currently the most advanced type of upper limb replacement. It enables handicapped people to naturally perform everyday activities such as dressing, eating or working on a computer and therefore significantly improves their quality of life. 

We hope that more and more of our employees will take part in the years to come and that we will again be able to help another project while at the same time motivating ourselves towards leading active and healthy lives.

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