Peak season starts for PPL in mid-November, but from October they can already see increasing numbers of parcels, which should continue to grow further. “We are well-prepared both for standard year-on-year growth and for the increased volumes connected with the current pandemic. Before Christmas we plan to deliver 250 000 parcels a day. If however the actual number of parcels considerably exceeds our expectations, we have backup plans prepared, whereby even then we would maintain the high quality of our services, delivering a small part of the parcels a maximum of two to three days from receiving them. But we believe that it won’t be necessary to take that step- it’s a last resort,” explains Petr Horák, General Manager of PPL. PPL also appeals to all recipients to try and stagger their shopping, in order to help parcel delivery firms better cope with the strain. 

PPL reports sufficient capacity and preparation    
The parcel firm expects the busiest days to be 17.12 and 18.12, when it plans to have as many as 60% more vans in use than last year. As they do every year before Christmas, the company will take on hundreds of extra seasonal workers- both drivers and handlers. According to estimates from PPL, the number of vehicles in the pre-Christmas period will be around 2000. This is on average 600 vehicles more than during the rest of the year. “As regards manpower and technological processes we are very well prepared for the Christmas season. What’s more we’ve launched a new website which, thanks to the improved shipment tracking application, should give recipients of goods all necessary information and help them take delivery of their parcels effectively,” explains Horák. 

During the current coronavirus measures PPL also has over 2100 of its PPL Parcelshops open, which customers can use for collecting or sending their parcels. It’s in the pre-Christmas period that PPL particularly recommends this delivery method. “Recipients don’t need to commit themselves to a specific day and delivery time window, but can instead collect Christmas presents from our collection points where and when they want. Nevertheless, we encourage everyone to collect their parcels as soon as possible to free up space for other parcels. We’re also considering slightly shortening the seven-day storage period during the Christmas season,” adds Horák. PPL plans to deliver around 2 million parcels using Parcelshop before Christmas. 

Safety in first place  
PPL observes all government measures as well as recommendations from its mother company DPDHL. Drivers are equipped with sanitary aids and contactless delivery is observed as much as possible. “The health of our employees and clients is in first place. That’s why as well as the measures on our side we also ask recipients to have disinfected their hands before taking the parcel, to be wearing a mask, and to keep as far away as possible from the driver or the PPL Parcelshop attendant. If possible, we recommend paying for the goods from the online retailer beforehand or at least using a bank card when receiving the goods. If the customer is in quarantine, they should warn our driver beforehand, so that transfer of the goods can take place as safely as possible,” Horák points out.  

PPL has recently defended its title of Most reliable brand of the year in the category Parcel services, and has also become Fastest riser of the year amongst all brands in all categories. “We’re pleased that people believe in our services and that our approach, not only during this spring, is also probably reflected in these results,“ says Horák. 

Electric bicycles should help in the city centre   
Parking in the centre is very complicated, particularly for delivery vans. That’s why PPL has decided to employ three e-bikes in November for the pre-Christmas period. “It’s a pilot project which we will evaluate after six months and consider its further development. In the long term we are aiming for a reduction in C02 and we would like to follow the model of our mother company DPDHL in achieving a zero carbon status by 2050. We’d like to achieve this through the use of alternative fuel vehicles as well as compensating for remaining emissions through various projects,“ concludes the General Manager.

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